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Funik won the title of “Top Ten Product Quality”

2016-09-12 14:05:08 Funik Ultrahard Material Co.,LTD. Read

On April 11,the 2015 Advanced Members Awards was held at Shanghai by China Machine Tool & Tool Builders’ Association. CBN cutting tools developed by Funik won the title of “Top Ten Product Quality”. 

The selection process is rigorous with the “Top Ten Product Quality” Certification Method. It must move through the working procedure of application, verification, expert evaluation and public announcement and follow the principle of openness, fairness, impartiality. Funik was the only winner of this award. which fully demonstrates the customers’ high recognition and great trust on our products.

Quality is the life of products。 FUNIK has been adhering to the idea of quality first, customer first in nearly 30 years,  and always keep striving for the excellent quality。 FUNIK control strictly the whole industrial chain which consist of “Ultrahard(Micron-Nano)Material–Ultrahard Composite Material  – Ultrahard Cutting Tools–Technical Solutions–Brand Effects。 Meanwhile , we obey strictly to the three standard integrating management system and 5s management process。 With the above management methods, we can control our quality very well。 While we always introduces the world- glass testing equipments and advanced manufacturing equipments, which ensure the stability of our quality。  So that we has won the recognition of  customers in the competitive market。

This Award shows the recognition of quality control system to FUNIK. We will take advantage of materials, equipments and brand to provide customers with excellent products, improving the user experience. FUNIK will focus on green processing, intelligent manufacturing industries and industy4.0. and strive to contribute Chinese manufacturing industries 2025. FUNIK will devote itself to the innovation of global green industries



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Funik won the title of “Top Ten Product Quality”
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